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Tai'an LNG Plant of Kunlun Energy Realized Its First Outward Transport, Boosting the Comprehensive Utilization of Local Natural Gas


(correspondents: Lai Chung Chung and Lee Hing Kok) On May 28th, 70 tankers, belonging to Tai'an LNG Plant of Kunlun Energy in Shandong Province, drove out the plant slowly to transport 1,400 tons of LNG to 70 stations in 16 cities of Shandong Province including Jinan City, Jining City and Weifang City, adding new driving force to the comprehensive utilization of natural gas in Shandong Province.

The localization project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of LNG equipment in Tai'an City of Shandong Province is listed in the Planning and Construction Plan for Gas Storage Facilities in Shandong Province as the localization supporting project designated by the National Energy Administration and PetroChina. It is the only inland provincial LNG storage base in Shandong Province at present, and is the first natural gas liquefaction project with the largest scale of domestic equipment construction and full localization of LNG technology and key equipment in China. Its commissioning is of great significance for promoting the conversion between old and new driving force in Shandong Province, improving the capacity of gas storage, peak shaving and supply guarantee in Shandong Province, and building an all-round energy security system.

The industrial feed gas of Tai'an LNG Plant comes from Fanzhen Off-take Station of PetroChina Taiqingwei Pipeline. After entering the plant, the natural gas goes through pretreatment, liquefaction and other processes to generate LNG. LNG is stored in storage tanks, and is loaded and transported according to demand, meeting the demand of peak shaving and supply guarantee of natural gas in Shandong Province and even some parts of East China.

Since the beginning of the year, faced with the problems such as tight construction period, delay of employees of participating units in returning to work and tough task of equipment safety inspection, the employees of Tai'an LNG Plant have strictly defined the production work plans and nodes. In the process of production preparation, the technicians of the Plant were on duty 24 hours a day, and coordinated with the participating units in the whole process. After more than one month's preparation, 172 pressure gauges, 450 flanges and 281 safety valves, with a total weight of 4.5 tons, were all prepared in place ahead of schedule. After the employees of the participating units returned to work, the pre-production inspection work was carried out, and the project was fully guaranteed to be put into production on schedule.

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