Natural Gas Sales

Dedicated to the promotion and use of natural gas over a long period of time, the Company has endeavored to create “green hills and clear waters” by scientific terminal market layout, rationally improving industry chain and active expansion of value-added business in accordance with the general requirements on energy development of the state for the 13th Five-Year Plan. Thus far, the Company has established a clean energy supply and service system centering on urban gas, GNG and LNG vehicles and LNG trade. Building its business presence in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China, the Company has been operating about 200 urban gas projects. Through the 1200-odd CNG and LNG terminal points, we sell over 2 million cubic meters of natural gas every year.

Responsible for the unified sales of LPG resources of subordinated refinery and oil-gas field enterprises under PetroChina, the Company sells over 6.5 million tons of LPG a year which takes up about one-fifth of the apparent consumption of LPG in China.

Urban Gas Business

LPD Distributing Business