Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of Kunlun Energy Company Limited has its own unique advantages. Inheriting the fine cultural core of the petroleum spirit, it’s oriented towards the market and international arena. With an open mind for respect, equality, mutual benefit and win-win, we insist on an innovation-driven and green development path, and actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Development Strategies

Market Strategy
Increase market development efforts to consolidate existing markets, expand high-efficiency markets, develop potential markets, and enter into emerging markets, improving customer service and enhancing market competitiveness. Rely on existing markets to advance pipeline interconnection and complimentary resources, and enhance emergency support capabilities.

Resource Strategy
Give play to the overall strengths of PetroChina, establish a resource coordination assurance mechanism to convert resource strengths into market strengths. Develop a diversified resource system via domestic and international resources and markets to improve resource control capabilities.

Capital Strategy
Give play to the strengths of a public listed company, implement the integration of industry financing, enhance the company’s market value and finance capabilities via entity management, expand the business scale of entities via financing in the capital market, and achieve a sound interaction between entity management and capital market.

Quality Strategy
Highlight lean management, focus on improvement of asset quality and return on equity. Strengthen safety and environmental protection, advance informatization and technological innovation, lay a solid development foundation, improve corporate development quality and guarantee sustainable development.

Innovation Strategy
Vigorously promote management, technological, cultural and business model innovation, improve the corporate governance structure, establish a standard system of subsidiaries and company with branches, adapt to the market, vitalize the business and lead innovative development.